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This is definitely the best DDD (Dalmatian Dog Dad) in the whole Universe. Nothing compares to the devotion, the patience, the endless love and care which our Pasha has given to his pups. He was ALWAYS there for them since the first second of their lives: watching over them, cleaning and grooming them, playing, leading, teaching them. Had we not witnessed this overwhelming display of paternal love from Pasha, we wouldn’t have even known it was possible…

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These pics were taken on the 19th April, when the pups were only 6 days old, as Pasha was gently giving his love to al 10 of his “kids” - one by one…

28 1 / 2014

of 10 beautiful Dalmatian pups welcomed wholeheartedly to this World by their carrying parents Angel and Pasha and the humans of the Dalipasha family.

Actually, it was less than 10 months ago when all of us started this amazing life journey of joy and love…

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"He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true until the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."


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  1. Dalipasha Leo Pascal Junior
  2. Dalipasha Tucker OnesBestBib
  3. Dalipasha Pongo TheOneAndOnly
  4. Dalipasha Ruby FineStarEmpress
  5. Dalipasha Gatsby TheSwankyGatz
  6. Dalipasha Zola TheDreamByEmile
  7. Dalipasha Migotka Polka Devine
  8. Dalipasha Dakoda TheSiouxQueen
  9. Dalipasha Rosie Limelight Fame
  10. Dalipasha Violet TheApril Love

The names consist of the kennel’s prefix, a call name and an official registration name extracted from the meaning of the call name.

The call names are chosen by the new families of the puppies, and their derived meanings are very diverse, but they all have beautiful story lines in them which are taken from art, literature, genealogical, geographical, historical or even astrological references.

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On the day of our departure  (except for Zola whose picture was taken few days earlier) we only had few moments to strike few poses for our family photo album just to document what gorgeous little creatures we have become.

08 6 / 2013

We are a bunch of gorgeous, smart, well adjusted little Dali dogs who are 8 weeks old and ready to start making new imprints on the whole new bunch of human lives and souls. Our paw prints will change our new families’ yarn forever and will make them as unique and unforgettable as we all are.

We have made it successfully through the most challenging, most terrifying, most beautiful, and most life changing 8 weeks of our lives, but we are not at the end of any journey. To the contrary, we are only ready to open all those new, exciting, daring doors of our new lives. 

We said our farewells to our Mum, Dad, and our temporary Mummy and that was very sad, but at the same time we are saying hello to our beautiful new families and all those nice people who could barely wait to welcome us to their lives, and that is sooo exciting…

Watch this space…

08 6 / 2013

This was Dalipasha clan’s last nap together on Saturday 8th June 2013 (Zola had left already) before they were ready to go to their new for ever homes. These images of our beautiful Dali babies sleeping, playing, running around, or doing anything really, will be dearly missed in this house, but we always new it was coming and we’ve tried to make most of our time together. They are all going to the most loving new homes and we wish them to have the greatest lives together with their new families. 

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Dalipasha Zola TheDreamByEmile

05 6 / 2013

Zola, our darling, cheeky, beautiful girl is going to her for ever home first. It is difficult to tell how much dogs know or sense, but it seems that she is saying her farewells to her dad.

We wish her to have the most wonderful, happy, beautiful life in Mildura with her new family as much as it is heart braking for us to let her go.

04 6 / 2013

We are 7 weeks and 3 days old. We are growing so fast that you can see us changing by a minute as becoming more and more beautiful.

We have names, we’ve been wormed, vaccinated and microchipped although we didn’t like any of these much. With all the due respect, but vets and needles give us hiccups…

We are full of energy, playing a lot, exploring anything there is in the World that we can put our little paws (yes, and teeth) on…

We are all smart, cute, cuddly, adorable, and very, very confident Dalipasha pups.

04 6 / 2013

We’ve just had our supper, our tummies are full and we are a bit sleepy, otherwise we would be all over the place…

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